Hello, I'm Kevin Rutherford

I've been building software since 1975 and building teams since 1988. I am a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Agile Alliance, and I've been a director of several small businesses.

I am a highly experienced software development coach, conference speaker, and extreme programmer. I created the vastly under-rated Reek code smell detector, and the vastly over-rated book 'Refactoring in Ruby'. If you have ever used Unix System V or taken out a mortgage in the UK, you have unwittingly used my code. I now spend much of my time coaching and mentoring software development teams throughout the UK. My Erdos number is 3, and I was using vi before you were born.

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All services I provide are via my own company, Rutherford Software Limited, which is a limited company registered in the UK:


26 Hamble Way, Macclesfield SK10 3RN


+44 07973 563521



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26 Hamble Way, Macclesfield SK10 3RN

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